Secret DJ takes your privacy very seriously and we won't share your personal data with any third parties without your permission.

Please take a moment to read about the app permissions we request, why we need them and how we use your data.

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The App
We need

When you install Secret DJ, or while you're using it, we will ask for certain permissions so that you can make the most of the app. Below are the reasons we need these permissions and how we use them.


We use your device's location to work out which Secret DJ venues are nearby and how many songs you can request in each.

If you are using an Android device, the app requires the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION & ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permissions to enable this feature.

iOS devices will prompt for permission the first time you run Secret DJ. If you don't allow location access you can enable it later from within the Location section of your device's privacy settings.


We need to access your camera if you want to use it to take a profile picture for your Secret DJ account. Alternatively images can be selected from your photos / gallery or via Facebook.

To permit this, iOS devices require that you allow Secret DJ access to the camera and your photos.

If you're using an Android device, the app requires the CAMERA permission. In addition the app needs READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions so that it can save your profile picture to your device's SD-card.


Secret DJ requires a WiFi or mobile data connection to operate. To allow this you need to grant the app permission to access these services. Please also ensure that either mobile data or Wifi is turned on when you're using the Secret DJ.

Android devices require the granting of the INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions to use the internet. We also ask for the READ_PHONE_STATE so that we can mute any song previews if you make or take a call.

In-app purchases

Secret DJ lets you purchase additional song credits from within the app. On iOS devices, these in-app purchases are managed by PayPal and on Android by GooglePlay.

All in-app purchases are managed by the payment provider. Android devices also require the granting of the vending.BILLING permission to allow in-app purchases.


We maintain some details about your account on your device. These settings can be accessed by going to the Secret DJ section in your device's account settings.

Android devices require the AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS and MANAGE_ACCOUNTS permissions to access these account settings.


The app allows you to sign up using your Facebook details and also to use your Facebook profile picture with your Secret DJ account.

We will only access your basic account details including your name, gender and email address. To allow Secret DJ to access this information you must authorise the app when prompted.


We transmit essential data relating to your Secret DJ account from your device to our servers where it is securely stored.

If you wish to terminate your account at any point, please contact us and we will delete your data from our servers.

Your Info

The personal data we store with your account includes password, real name, email address, gender and where applicable a unique id identifying your device. We will not disclose this data without your permission. All passwords are stored in an encrypted manner.

Your screen name and gender are considered public and may displayed within the app or on the Secret DJ website.

Profile pic

You may associate an image with your Secret DJ account and use it as a profile picture. If you do so, it will be stored on the our servers and may be displayed within the app or on the Secret DJ website.

Please ensure you have permission to distribute any image used as your profile image. Copyrighted or offensive images will be deleted and your account may be terminated.


We use your location to work out which Secret DJ venues are nearby and how many songs you can request in each. We only read your location when the app is active. We do not use it in the background.

Your location is not stored on our servers except for validation purposes for instance when you request a song or perform a check-in.


Secret DJ allows you to perform a number of interactions with venues including making song requests, performing check-ins and liking.

Please be aware, in the context of the app, these interactions are considered public and may be shared with other Secret DJ users within the app, via the Secret DJ website or with our partners.


Secret DJ allows users to purchase additional song credits via in-app purchases. GooglePlay and PayPal act as payment providers on Android and iOS respectively.

These payment providers are solely responsible for the security of the transaction. We do not store any sensitive payment data such as credit card information on our servers.

Third parties

We will not share any personal information with any third party without your permission.

Information relating to public interactions made within the Secret DJ app may be shared in an anonymised or limited form with venue owners and our partners.

Your Data

If you'd like to close your account and have all of your data permanently removed from our servers, firstly uninstall the Secret DJ app from your phone or mobile device.

When you've done this, please send an email with your Secret DJ username to

Once we've confirmed your account, we'll delete your data within 24 hours and send you a confirmation email so you know it's done.

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